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Together, we can do better.

As we head to election day, visit here often for more details and news as Surrey First shares your vision for the future of our city.



If politicians don’t work for taxpayers, then who do they work for?

  • Surrey residents should be welcomed at city hall, not banned.
  • Public questions at city council meetings should be part of every meeting.
  • Big decisions should be made in public, not behind closed doors.


It’s your money and your city.

  • Take a good look at your taxes, are they up by the 2.9% promised by Doug McCallum, or are they higher?
  • Surrey needs an independent Auditor General to keep an eye on spending, programs, and efficiency at city hall, just like every other big city in Canada.
  • City Hall has never been more disconnected from Surrey residents, and never been more secretive, just the way Doug McCallum likes it.


It’s time to work where we live.

  • We need a stronger local economy, with good jobs closer to home, and less time commuting to other cities.
  • In Surrey we spend twice as much time in our cars as Vancouverites, we need more and better transit, particularly north-south.
  • Surrey should be an “opportunity city” for residents, families and businesses, where a competent city council plays its part to support a healthy environment, livability, innovation, and housing affordability.

Public Safety

Transition to the Surrey Police Service.

    The transition to the Surrey Police Service is proceeding, giving our community the chance to build and shape policing for our growing city. By 2029, we will be bigger than Vancouver, and in 18 years Surrey will have one million residents. Whether it is public safety, economic development, more transit, or much-needed new infrastructure, our sights should be on the future of our city. For too long the police transition has distracted city hall, and sidelined other important priorities. Today's city council must be able to complete the transition while tackling all of the other issues critical to our future.