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Bear Creek Park says a lot about what’s really important to us as a city

Surrey, B.C. (March 8, 2021): Surrey First Councillor Linda Annis wants the mayor and his four remaining Safe Surrey councillors to “keep their hands off” Bear Creek Park. Annis said she opposes pushing 84th Avenue through the park and will vote against the contract to begin field work and preliminary designs at tonight’s virtual council meeting.

“Before anything is done we need to hear from the community,” said Annis. “There’s a reason why Bear Creek Park is so popular and such an important part of our city. With its large playground, football and soccer fields, running track, outdoor fitness equipment, gardens and picnic areas, Bear Creek park is exactly what a multi-use park should be in the heart of our growing city. As our city grows, our parks take on even more importance and deserve our protection.  Frankly the mayor and his four councillors are treating Bear Creek Park like some sort of traffic inconvenience rather than one of the most popular parks in the city. Quite simply, Bear Creek Park is more important than asphalt and fast-tracking the project is an insult to our citizens, particularly since there was no consultation prior to the decision to go ahead.”

Annis said Bear Creek Park is also a sensitive urban environment with walking trails and salmon spawning habitat, something that’s rare in the heart of any city and worth protecting.

“The fact is, Bear Creek Park speaks volumes about what’s really important to us as a community and pushing 84th Avenue shouldn’t even be in the cards,” added Annis. “We go to our parks to get away from cars, to relax and be with our friends and families. Carving up the park is not something I can support.”

Annis said the community spoke “ loud and clear” against the road extension back in 2009, and she hopes people will speak up again.

“As our city grows, our parks mean even more to us and anything that undermines them is something that should concern all of us. Once you start carving up our parks, where does it stop,” explained Annis. “I have a real difference of opinion with the mayor and his councillors who want to fast-track the road: I’m for the park, they’re for the road. They also have a habit of not listening to the community and this is no different. Extending 84th Avenue through the park is a scar across Bear Creek that will never heal.”


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Councillor Linda Annis