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Mayor McCallum called on to “do the right and respectful thing” at next council meeting

Surrey, B.C. (June 24, 2021): Surrey First Councillor Linda Annis wants Mayor Doug McCallum to begin council’s next meeting on Monday, June 28 with a First Nations land and territorial acknowledgement, and if he doesn’t, she will.

“Acknowledging our Indigenous people is the right and respectful thing to do,” said Annis. “The fact that the mayor refuses to do that doesn’t mean individual councillors can’t do it when we first speak in council. If the mayor continues to refuse, then I will acknowledge our First Nations the first time I get to speak, and I will encourage other councillors to do the same. Surrey has the largest Indigenous population in the province and by 2035, Surrey’s Indigenous population will be twice Vancouver’s. Reconciliation is something all of us want, and the mayor’s refusal to do something that every level of government is doing across the country, is an embarrassment for our city, and frankly it’s disrespectful. This simple and respectful gesture means a lot and is definitely the right thing to do as we work to build bridges in our community.”


Media contact:
Councillor Linda Annis