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Mayor and his councillors ban pro-RCMP supporters from council chambers

Surrey, B.C. (September 13, 2021): Surrey First Councillor Linda Annis says the decision by Doug McCallum and his four remaining councillors to ban pro-RCMP supporters from council chambers is “about as undemocratic as it gets” and fails to recognize the growing frustration Surrey residents have with the mayor and his “my-way-or-the-highway” approach to city government.

“One look at the press release put out by the city today quoting the mayor shows that Doug McCallum and his councillors would rather ban Surrey residents from city hall than listen to their frustration and very real concerns,” added Annis. “People in Surrey are frustrated and angry. Rather than banning Surrey residents from city council, the mayor should look in the mirror and realize that voting to keep people away from council doesn’t deal with the real issue, which is all about being ignored and feeling like they have absolutely no say in how their city is being managed. Three years of that and you can see why Surrey residents can’t wait for October 15, 2022.”

Annis said today’s decision to ban citizens from council meetings is a not-so-gentle reminder that as long as Doug McCallum is in charge, no other opinions will be tolerated or allowed.

“Silencing people, particularly people opposed to you, is what politicians do when they’ve given up on democracy,” said Annis. “Having to sit and watch this take place at today’s council meeting reminded me that democracy is fragile. A blow like this feels like there will be more to come as Doug McCallum continues to distance council from the people who put us here in the first place.”


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Councillor Linda Annis