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It’s not an information campaign, it’s expensive political propaganda and taxpayers are paying for it: Councillor Linda Annis 

Surrey, B.C. (December 13, 2023): Surrey First Councillor Linda Annis says Mayor Brenda Locke’s $500,000 public relations campaign against the Surrey Police Service is “pure politics and a waste of tax dollars.”

“I believe it’s time to get on with the transition and start building the best municipal police department in the province,” said Annis. “Meanwhile, the mayor refuses to move forward and is now spending tax dollars on a politically motivated disinformation campaign against the Surrey Police Service. If the SPS took $500,000 to attack the mayor, I’d be furious because they should be spending their time and tax dollars on public safety. So, when the mayor wastes $500,000 we don’t have as a city, I’m equally frustrated  about how little she values the tax dollars residents send to city hall. I look at our parks, pools, rinks and playgrounds and I can think of all sorts of better ways to spend $500,000. Instead Brenda Locke is using these scarce dollars to attack our city’s police department. I look at the billboards and advertising against the SPS and I don’t see honest public information, I see political ego that’s costing our taxpayers.”

Annis asked, “How can Mayor Locke ever say she cares about budgets or costs when she does something as wasteful as this? I’ve seen our city’s budget and frankly we don’t have $500,000 to waste like this.”