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Community is being ignored and sidelined yet again, and I can’t be there and lend legitimacy to this sham: Councillor Linda Annis

Surrey, B.C. (October 3, 2022): Surrey First Councillor Linda Annis says she will boycott tonight’s final council meeting of the term, as Doug McCallum pushes 45 land use applications through city council.

“We are just 12 days away from the election and I cannot sit in my seat at council and watch this sham,” said Annis. “By being there tonight, I would be lending legitimacy to what is an absolute slap in the face to the people of Surrey. Over the past four years, Doug McCallum has sidelined and ignored the people of this city. Tonight is just one more reminder of how little he thinks of the people of this city, and the ethics that come with elected office. I’d complain to the Ethics Commissioner, but he even shut that down.”

Annis said a normal council night might see 10 or 15 applications, but McCallum is pushing these 45 applications through as the term wraps up.

“Once again he wants to ignore the community in the process,” said Annis. “If there’s one thing Doug McCallum hates, it’s having to deal with the public. So, this approach is not a surprise, although you have to wonder how many of these applications are some sort of favour for friends and supporters.”

 Annis said the sheer number of land use applications, and the rush to move them forward, begs all sorts of questions, including who will benefit from this priority treatment right before an election.

“While Doug McCallum and his four councillors have the votes to push ahead, I am boycotting tonight’s meeting to demonstrate to the people of Surrey just how rigged this process is,” said Annis. “I cannot support this approach, and I won’t sit in a council meeting and give it any kind of credibility or legitimacy.

“The people of Surrey are being ignored once again. This is a rush to the finish line and millions of dollars are at stake with these applications. The windfall from a land use approval can be staggering, so this rushed process has a very bad smell about it. I hope that the new city council will be fair, open, and transparent with its citizens, as well as every developer, and not just the few who think they have a friend in the mayor’s office.”