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Who is benefiting from these applications, and why is the public being sidelined, yet again: Councillor Linda Annis

Surrey, B.C. (September 13, 2022): Surrey First Councillor Linda Annis says Doug McCallum is trying to push a record 50 land use applications through the last two council meetings, but postponing public hearings on the applications until after the municipal election on October 15.

“Doug McCallum has told city council that he wants to move forward on this record number of applications, but not allow public hearings until November,” said Annis. “Once again, he has demonstrated a total disregard for the community and anyone who might want to comment on any of these 50 different applications. This is one more example of how he and his four councillors are failing the people of Surrey. The sheer number of these applications and the rush to move them forward begs all sorts of questions, including who will benefit from these applications and why they should get priority treatment right before an election. It’s certainly not in the interest of Surrey residents to provide blanket approvals, with no public input until after the election on October 15.”

Annis said that while McCallum and his four councillors have the votes to push ahead, the people of Surrey can see exactly what’s wrong with this rigged process.

“I will not support this approach and neither will the people of Surrey who are, once again, being left out of this discussion by the mayor and his four councillors,” added Annis. “This whole rush to the finish line, without proper process and public hearings has a really bad smell about it. Why are we doing this and who is benefiting from this special treatment? Those are questions I’ll be asking at council and something Surrey voters should ask when they go to vote on October 15. Hopefully a new city council will be fair, open and transparent, and include the people of Surrey in its decision making. That has not been the case for the past four years.”