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Doug McCallum’s recent statement about the property is a hollow promise: Councillor Linda Annis

SURREY, B.C. (July 7, 2022): Surrey First Councillor Linda Annis says if Surrey is serious about keeping several hundred acres at 192nd Avenue and 36th Street as agricultural land, it should be put into the Agricultural Land Reserve.

“The recent statement from Doug McCallum saying he supports the land, which is currently owned by the federal government for agricultural use, is a hollow promise as long as the land is listed as A-1,” said Annis. “The mayor knows this, and he also knows how easy it is to change that designation, something he did in Campbell Heights. So, if we’re serious about keeping this land and its unique micro-climate for agriculture, it should be brought into the ALR.”

Annis notes Surrey is fortunate as a big city to still have farmland and a healthy agricultural industry, and we should be holding onto that capacity to grow our own food locally. The Heppell family has farmed the 220-acre site for 50 years.