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Apparent discrepancies make it hard to believe Doug McCallum: Councillor Linda Annis

Surrey, B.C. (May 20, 2022): Surrey First Councillor Linda Annis says Doug McCallum’s claims about being run over and pinned against a vehicle, and documents and evidence just released by the court, appear to show real discrepancies that will make Surrey residents ask even more questions about the mayor’s version of things.

“Finally, we are seeing and hearing some of the details,” said Annis. “If anything, Surrey residents are going to have even more doubts and questions about the mayor’s original comments when he alleged the incident took place. Meanwhile, the trial is scheduled for October 31, which means we’re going to go through the entire municipal election without having some resolution to this case. That’s got to have voters questioning their choice about who will lead our city in the years ahead.”

Annis said she would like to see as much transparency as possible around the case and the alleged incident, and would like the mayor to also tell Surrey taxpayers how much his legal bill is to date.

“This whole thing is an expensive embarrassment for our taxpayers,” added Annis. “It looks bad, and to make matters worse, Surrey residents are stuck paying Doug McCallum’s legal bills, without even knowing how much they are. The disregard for Surrey residents and taxpayers is so blatant, and just one more reminder that our city’s mayor continues to put himself ahead of the people of this city. The people of Surrey deserve better, and October 15 cannot come soon enough.”